Ski repair

The more performant machines for an enjoyable pleasure of skiing !!!

After your day of skis, come to meet Jonathan and his young technicians in our workshop.

With 10 years of seniority in the Sport Shop, Jonathan will make for you a complete diagnosis of your skis.

You will have only to confide them to us by returning of the ski, and you will get them back, maintained, the following morning.

Wax, Edged and Wax, Full Service : leave your skis in the hands of real experts !

Our prices

  Jet Wash Reparation Stone Edge
Tuning Wax fer Price
Wax             15 €
Edges / Wax             28 €
Full service             39 €

Do not forget at the end of season to make thick waxing your skis to protect edges … So in the beginning of winter, it does not more remain than to scrape the surplus of wax and your skis are ready to be put shoes.

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Ski repair
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